Manage your projects and tasks in one place

Taagly allows you to get control over all projects running in the company. Their functionality improves work efficiency. The program allows productive communication management, organizes information, and allows for intuitive data exchange.


Advantages for managers and companies

  • You know who is currently working on what
  • You check how much time users have spent on the task
  • You know which tasks and projects are most time-consuming
  •  You give up e-mail communication, which makes it difficult to run projects
  •  You set priorities

Manage your team efficiently

Taagly gives you full control of the team. It’s easy to see which projects individual employees are involved in and what they’re working on. You can easily delegate people with free time to other tasks. You can support projects that require more support and commitment during their implementation by adding more users.


Monitoring progress

Easy to read reports and live statistics showing your progress will allow you to immediately see which projects have raised problems and delays and which are progressing faster than you planned. All important information, including messages about any significant change, will be sent to you immediately in the form of email notifications.


Take control of all projects in the company

With Taagly you know what is there to do and what is the deadline for each project. The time forecasting function allows you to quickly and without any conflicts, determine the time frame for the task. With Taagly, you can manage many different projects simultaneously.  You have all current projects in one place.


Organise communication within the company

As your company implements more projects, the harder it is to control the communication between teams and employees. Especially when many persons from different departments are involved in tasks. Taagly makes all project communication take place inside the system, all necessary files are also stored here. Your employees will communicate more efficiently, and access to the most necessary information and materials will be very easy, which will accelerate the progress of work.


Give your team a simple solution

Give your team a simple solution to help them work. Taagly is an easy tool with a friendly and attractive design. Your team will quickly like it. Let your employees work with Taagly.

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