Project management software

Get your team in sync

Cooperation is the key to success. Thanks to Taagly, communication between you and your team members is effective. Projects are realised faster and more efficiently when all data flows in the same place.

project management

project management

task management

task management

teamwork management

teamwork management

task timing

task timing

task progress

task progress

work reports

work reports

Manage projects, tasks and team in one place

Taagly lets you control all the tasks in the company. His functionality improves work efficiency. Projects are delivered faster and more efficiently. The program allows productive project management, systematizes information and allows for intuitive data exchange.


Manage tasks by Tagging

Set up statuses, prioritize and flag task categories using the convenient tag panel. This is an effective way to keep your project in order. Well organized work runs smoothly, and brings you success.

  • Categorise your work
  • Set priorities
  • Monitor key aspects of the project
  • Make the best decisions in real time

For companies

A solution for companies looking for a solution to systematize the activities of all projects and tasks in their organization.


For managers

Support for managers who care about productive management of all tasks, projects and team.


For teams

Help for team in work organization, transparent data flow area.

Schedule work. Manage the team.

With Taagly you can plan, realize and monitor tasks. The team works on a desktop with current information on ongoing tasks. Visible status of tasks together with a specific deadline makes you aware of progress and motivates. Taagly allows you to completely opt out of emails. Communication runs within defined workspaces, which allows for the ongoing segregation of content. All project data remains in one place.

  • you gain knowledge of what the team members are currently working on
  • you can check how long it took to complete each task
  • you’re aware of which activities and projects consume the most time
  • you define the most important objectives and priorities

Everything you need to manage projects

Taagly lets you gain control over all your company’s tasks. Its functionality increases the efficiency of work. Projects are realised faster and more efficiently. The software makes productive communication management possible, systematizes information and allows for intuitive data exchange. Taagly is easy to use and user-friendly. It only needs a few minutes to master the most important functions.



Collaborate with your team. Share feedback, ask questions.


Log Time Spent on Task

Easily keep track of the time your team spend on tasks. See which tasks are most time-consuming.



Create reminders. Stay on top of everything.


Reports, statistics

Ready-to-use reports and statistics allow you to monitor and make decisions in real time.


Task estimated time

Estimate how long it will take to complete the task. Make sure you hit your deadline.


Tasks progress

Check, what is the level of progress and how much faster you should work to complete the task on time.


Gantt chart

View your tasks on visual Timeline.


Users access control

Different types of powers shall ensure that relevant information is available to relevant persons.

John us

Taagly is useful in any company that wants to work productively. It is a solution to systematize and optimize all processes that make up the projects. The system works regardless of the industry and size of the company.


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