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Manage yours tasks, projects and team

Taagly is simple and flexible software for project and task management for teams. A user-friendly interface, useful functions, and solid security features help you to quickly and effectively realize your goals.

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Manage tasks via Tags Panel

Categorize your work, set priorities, monitor the most important aspects of the project. Add your own labels to each task and make the best decisions on real-time. Manage all your tasks and projects with an innovative tag panel.


Taagly redefines the concept of task tagging in projects. By default, the tagging module functions as an add-on, often deeply hidden, so it is difficult to fully use its potential. With Taagly, task tagging is the key to more efficient management, and it the most important tool, always within reach for the user

Everything you need to work more productively

Taagly lets you gain control over all your company's tasks. Its functionality increases the efficiency of work. Projects are realised faster and more efficiently. The software makes productive communication management possible, systematizes information and allows for intuitive data exchange. Taagly is easy to use and user-friendly. It only needs a few minutes to master the most important functions.

  • Commenting

    Commenting Collaborate with your team. Share feedback, ask questions.

  • Task estimated time

    Task estimated time Estimate how long it will take to complete the task. Make sure you hit your deadline.

  • Log Time Spent on Task

    Log Time Spent on Task Easily keep track of the time your team spend on tasks. See which tasks are most time-consuming.

  • Tasks progress

    Tasks progress Check, what is the level of progress and how much faster you should work to complete the task on time.

  • Reminders

    Reminders Create reminders. Stay on top of everything.

  • Users access control

    Users access control Different types of powers shall ensure that relevant information is available to relevant persons.

  • Reports, statistics, AI Taagly

    Reports, statistics, AI Taagly Ready-to-use reports and statistics allow you to monitor and make decisions in real time. Thanks to Taagly AI forecasts you can find out whether a task or a project will be completed within the set timeline.

  • Gantt chart

    Gantt chart View your tasks on visual Timeline.

Manage your team, projects and tasks in one place with Taagly

The task management possibilities using the intuitive tag panel are unlimited. All functions are customizable and easy to define. Taagly is a flexible tool that can successfully be used in any industry.

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Frequently asked questions
Can I try Taagly before I pay for it?

Absolutely! Try Taagly for free for 14 days with a monthly subscription.
Or try Taagly for free for 30 days with a one-year subscription!
Your credit card details are not needed for the trial period!

You can also set up a free account with limited users (5) and  storage space  (1 GB) and use Taagly for free forever.

When will I have to pay?

Hip-hip-hooray! We knew you would stay with us for longer :)
When the free trial period is over, we will ask you to enter your billing information in Taagly .
Your billing cycle will start from that day, and you will also be billed on that day every month or year.

Is there a discount for choosing annual payment?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a 15% discount if you decide to pay annually.

What types of payment is accept?

We accept payment any credit card via Paypal. If you have a problem with paying
via PayPal or would like to pay in any other way, please contact us

Can the plan be changed later on?

You can upgrade your subscription level at any time, if you need to add more users or increase your storage capacity. You can also
downgrade or cancel your subscription level at any time, but no refunds will be issued.

Storage space limits

Storage limits depend on the plan you choose. To calculate your limits,
we summarize all data stored in the work areas (and their contents) associated
with your account. Current consumption is available in the network
management menu.

Are there any special offers for students and non-profits organizations?

Yes, we have special deals for student and non-profit
organisations. Send us an e-mail to find out more about our offer.


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