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via intuitive tag panel

Taagly is simple, flexible project and task management software for teams. A user-friendly interface, useful functions, and solid security features help you to quickly and effectively realize your goals.

Everything you need to work smarter

Best interface. Amazing Tag Panel. Complete security. Our project management tool has got everything you need for a great experience!

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Chat & Commenting

Best Tag Panel




To-do list

Due Date



Estimated time

Time spent

Simply manage users


Smarter inbox activities

Storage & File sharing

Version history

View list or board

Notification preferences

Multiple assignment users

Access Controls

Various levels of user rights

Two factor authentication

...and more great features

get your team

in sync

With Taagly all communication about the project remains in one place. Our project management software makes easier collaboration in your team, allows you to create real plans, deliver products on time and maintain order.

taagly task

manage via intuitive

tag panel

Categorize your work, set priorities, monitor the most important aspects of the project. Add your own labels to each task and make the best decisions on real-time. Manage all your tasks and projects with an innovative tag panel.

taagly task

Get a complete tool to

manage project

Get a complete project management tool. Taagly gives you everything you need to stay connected to every aspect of your work. The software includes a number of features that improve your team's productivity.

taagly task

Taagly forecasts

reports & statistics

Ready-to-use reports and statistics allow you to monitor and make decisions in real time. Thanks to Taagly forecasts you will find out whether a task or a project will be complete on time.

taagly task

collaborate better

with everyone

Create custom workspaces and improve productivity with your team, customers and partners. With quick access to your workspace and user panel, you know exactly who's working on what.

TAAGLY is for every teams who looking power task management software. In particular for Marketing &Creative Teams, Creative Agencies, Startups, Project Teams, Software Development, Product Development Teams, Business Operations Teams, Customer Support.

most important things for us

security, cloud, backup

We use Taagly every day to build Taagly. As users of our product, we understand the need for a reliable, secure service that treats your data with the utmost care.

taagly task

Taagly's infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data are stored in Amazon S3 and AWS RDS. Databases are backed up daily, encrypted and securely stored. Taagly use digital and SSL certificates.

Manage your team, projects and tasks in one place with Taagly

Task management via the intuitive tag panel has no limits. All functions are customizable and very easy to define. Taagly is a flexible tool that will successfully be used in any industry.

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Everything you need to work smarter
Best interface. Amazing features. Complete security. Our project management tool has got everything you need for a great experience!
One clean place to stay organized, updated, and productive
Unique dashboard shows you exactly what you need to see to get up to speed on your tasks, projects and manage your team. With everything in one place, you get instant insight into progress for all of your projects and tasks.
Each workspace centralizes your project, team activities and tags. Create as many as you need,and have unique workspace for multiple teams, departments or clients. Focus more on what matters the most
Every team needs a plan to accomplish things, a place to store files, an environment to have conversations and a shared area for managing priorities. Taagly helps you make sure all the data relative to a project is centralized: discussions, files, tasks and events are easy to access for all the members of your team.
list or tiles ?
Best tag panel
Manage all your tasks and projects via intuitive tag panel. Add your own labels to any task and track exactly what matters to your project. Perfect for prioritization and categorization yours work .
Public and private tags

Not all tags should be public knowledge, keep your personal tags private.


Get alert when tag was assigned or unassigned to any task.

Filter tags

Standard - the task contains at least one of the marked tags. Exact - the task must contain all the selected tags.

Full task control
Using Taagly you can communicate with every member of your team at any time and any place. All you have to do is invite them to your project. All conversations and files will be stored in the Task.
Chat User To-Do list Due date Reminders Progress Estimated time Time spent Attachments
Simply manage users

Workspace and project users

Quick view to workspace and project members. You know exactly who's working on what. Delegate responsibilities across your team

Diffirent permission

You have full control what users can and cannot do within the organization, workspace, projects, tags or task.

View your tasks on visual Timeline.
Reports, statistics, Taagly forecasts
Ready-to-use reports and statistics allow you to monitor and make decisions in real time. Thanks to Taagly forecasts you will find out whether a task or a project will be complete on time.
A smarter inbox activities
Stay in the loop with a real-time feed of all project activities.
Create reminders. Keep your hand on the pulse.
Customize color theme
Adjust colour schemes to suit your preference. Space Gray or Silver White.
More great features
Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.
List or board

Sections and columns let you customize Taagly to match your workflows and add structure to any project.

Drag & Drop

Add new users or tag by drag and dropping them in a task.

Access rights

Define access rights for each team member or client.

Version history

Get a clear picture of who changed what, and when.

File sharing

Share (and organize) files & folders with your teammates and clients.


Powerful search helps you find the work you need quickly.

Project Dates

Set start dates and end dates to your projects to make sure you stay on top of your work.

Move or Copy Projects

Set up a project template and move or copy it as many times as you like.

Archive Projects

Archive any old and unfinished projects that aren't currently being worked on.

Notification Preferences

Use notification preferences to set the triggers of what will notify your team.

Assign tasks

Delegate responsibilities across your team with transparency of tasks and statuses.

Multiple assignment

Need to share responsibility? You can ?assign a task to more than one person.


Filters let you sort by people, projects, labels, task status, priority.


Collaborate ?with your team. Share feedback, ask questions...


Localize your account to suit your language, time, and so on.

Email notifications

Get notifications about tasks, project updates, and more from Taagly.

Log Time Spent on Task

Easily keep track of the time you spend on your tasks.

Estimate Time

Use estimate time to plan how long a task will take to complete.


With a commitment to a 99.9% uptime SLA and high data governance standards, you can trust Taagly with your most important projects.

Access Controls

Role-based controls ensure that the right people have access to the right information.

Easily attach files using an integrated file picker for your storage provider of choice.

Simple project and task management for busy teams

Run your team, plan projects and track tasks using simple, beautiful and easy to use tools. No headaches. No training required.


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