Manage projects by tagging tasks

Taagly redefines the concept of task tagging in projects. By default, the tagging module functions as an add-on, often deeply hidden, so it is difficult to fully use its potential. With Taagly, task tagging is the key to more efficient management, and it the most important tool, always within reach for the user


Categorize your work, set priorities, monitor the most important aspects of the project. Add your own labels to each task and make the best decisions on real-time. Manage all your tasks and projects with an innovative tag panel.


Tags Panel

Using tags you categorize work, set priorities, monitor tasks.

An intuitive tag panel is a core feature of the system. You can use public tags available for all, or you can create your tags, visible only for you. Tags segregate responsibilities, and you always know what is essential, urgent, and what you can postpone.


Public or private tags

Work with tags in groups or create your own tag board visible only to you.



Get notifications when a tag that you are interested in is assigned or unhooked to a task.


Filter the tags

Standard – the task includes at least one of the selected tags. Exact – the task must include all selected tags. Exclusion – the task does not include any selected tags.

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