We use Taagly everyday to build Taagly. As users of our product, we understand the need for a reliable, secure service that treats your data with the utmost care.

  • The Taagly infrastructure is based on scalable servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Users Permission. You have full control what users can and cannot do within the network, workspace, projects, tags or task.
  • We encrypt all data with TLS, SSL certificates
  • Databases are backed up daily, encrypted and securely stored at three locations (2x UE, 1xUS)
  • We send E-mail information about an attempt to log in
  • Only a limited number of certified staff within Taagly have access to the system cloud where Taagly is stored
  • Encrypted interial linking
  • No guest access allowed: This means that each user needs an account for access
  • Eternal file sharing is not allowed: generated file links are not shareable. You must be logged in to the system.
  • Each user in Taagly has a unique, password-protected account with a verified email address. The password is validated according to password protection policies and stored securely using a strong hashing algorithm
  • Customer data, including workspaces, projects, tasks and folders, can only be accessed by other users within a Taagly account if these items have been specifically shared with them or the items have been placed in shared folders

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