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Taagly solves real problems for marketing departments

Working in marketing requires accomplishing many different tasks at the same time. When you manage a marketing department, you coordinate the interlocking parts. The machine works effectively if it is programmed properly.


We'll help you get organized

You create strategies, run campaigns, launches and events, supervise positioning, content marketing, social media and production, take care of press relations. And these are just the basic points in your daily schedule.

We know the needs of marketing employees

The founders of Taagly are marketing practitioners. The system was created in response to real needs that arise in the course of a marketer's everyday work.

All Comes for Free

All Projects in one place

Taagly is the place for all the projects that marketing employees do. Within projects, you can plan an entire marketing campaign or other less complex goals.
The system's screen displays a picture of the entire department's work. It shows completed, ongoing and planned projects. At any time you can check their status, progress made and completion forecasts.

define project start and end dates

track work progress

plan your campaigns

create reports and summaries

All Comes for Free


Projects run at Taagly are divided into tasks. Each is assigned a team of people, a specific status and a completion date.
Marketing employees are confronted with many different tasks on a daily basis. The multitude of responsibilities and dynamic nature of work requires flexibility. In such an environment, chaos can easily arise. Taagly helps to prevent this.

estimate due dates for tasks

categorize tasks

assign status to tasks

Create a task calendar

assign people to tasks

create reports showing time duration of tasks


Using tags you can assign categories to tasks. You can create categories yourself or use ready-made templates. This way you can sort all your tasks with one click. This way you can quickly find out how many posts you have to publish, banners to design, mailings to send and other activities you have tagged.


Using tags you can also assign statuses to tasks. You can create your own statuses or use ready-made ones. In this way you can mark what is the most urgent and what can still wait. Thanks to this, in a moment you will know what needs to be done as soon as possible, and what can be left for later.

All Comes for Free


Taagly creates a workspace for all members of the marketing department. The shared space helps maintain common goals. It makes communication very easy. Managers have their entire team at hand, they know who is responsible for what, they know the workload of each person. The system improves management efficiency in a short time.

you know how many tasks are performed by each employee

you know the categories and statuses of the tasks performed by each employee

you know how many hours each team member has worked

you know the extent of the workload for each person

you share communication and file sharing space with your team

all your business partners in one place

Special offer for marketing departments and advertising agencies

Add all the companies you work with to your Taagly Account. Work with your clients, freelancers or subcontractors in one place. 

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Taagly experts

Taagly connects marketing departments with top experts in the marketing industry. Marketers using the program gain access to a pool of tested professionals. When the moment comes when regular team members get too busy, Taagly freelancers are available to help. This solution saves time and allows you to meet deadlines, and gives you a better chance that the final result will be as expected.

Use additional staff resources when you need them

you always have a team of experienced marketing professionals on hand

graphic designers, experienced marketers, copywriters, marketing automation specialists, social media specialists, SEO/SEM specialists, Digital specialists

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