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via intuitive tag panel

Taagly is simple, flexible project and task management software for teams. A user-friendly interface, useful functions, and solid security features help you to quickly and effectively realize your goals.

Everything you need to work smarter

Best interface. Amazing Tag Panel. Complete security. Our project management tool has got everything you need for a great experience!

Everything you need to work smarter

Chat & Commenting

Best Tag Panel




To-do list

Due Date



Estimated time

Time spent

Simply manage users


Smarter inbox activities

Storage & File sharing

Version history

View list or board

Notification preferences

Multiple assignment users

Access Controls

Various levels of user rights

Two factor authentication

...and more great features

get your team in sync

get your team

in sync

With Taagly all communication about the project remains in one place. Our project management software makes easier collaboration in your team, allows you to create real plans, deliver products on time and maintain order.

get your team in sync
manage via intuitiv tag panel

manage via intuitive

tag panel

Categorize your work, set priorities, monitor the most important aspects of the project. Add your own labels to each task and make the best decisions on real-time. Manage all your tasks and projects with an innovative tag panel.

manage via intuitiv tag panel
Get a complete tool to manage project

Get a complete tool to

manage project

Get a complete project management tool. Taagly gives you everything you need to stay connected to every aspect of your work. The software includes a number of features that improve your team's productivity.

Get a complete tool to manage project
Taagly forecasts reports & statistics

AI Taagly

reports & statistics

Ready-to-use reports and statistics allow you to monitor and make decisions in real time. Thanks to Taagly AI forecasts you will find out whether a task or a project will be complete on time.

Taagly forecasts reports & statistics
collaborate better with everyone

collaborate better

with everyone

Improve communication with your team, customers and partners. An efficient communication flow at every level is the prospect of a successful project. With Taagly, you know exactly who's working on what.

collaborate better with everyone

TAAGLY is for every teams who looking power task management software. In particular for Marketing &Creative Teams, Creative Agencies, Startups, Project Teams, Software Development, Product Development Teams, Business Operations Teams, Customer Support.

most important things for us security, cloud, backup

most important things for us

security, cloud, backup

We use Taagly every day to build Taagly. As users of our product, we understand the need for a reliable, secure service that treats your data with the utmost care.

most important things for us security, cloud, backup

Taagly's infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data are stored in Amazon S3 and AWS RDS. Databases are backed up daily, encrypted and securely stored. Taagly use digital and SSL certificates.

Manage your team, projects and tasks in one place with Taagly

Task management via the intuitive tag panel has no limits. All functions are customizable and very easy to define. Taagly is a flexible tool that will successfully be used in any industry.

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Frequently asked questions
Can I try Taagly before I pay for it?

Absolutely! Taagly is free for 14 days on a monthly subscription.If you choose a one-year subscription, the trial period is 30 days! We do not require you to provide your credit card details during the trial period!

Alternatively you can choose free account with limit users (4) and space storage (500 mb) and use Taagly for free forever.

When will I have to pay?

Hip-hip-hooray! We knew that you would stay with us for longer :)
After you've completed free trial, we'll ask you to fill in your billing information in Taagly system.
That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you'll be billed on that day every month or year.

Is there a discount on yearly plans?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a 15% discount if you decide to pay annually.

What types of payment is accept?

We accept payment any credit card via Paypal. If you have a problem with paying
via PayPal or would like to pay in any other way, please contact us

Can the plan be changed later on?

You can upgrade subscription at any time to higher plan. You can also
downgrade or cancel your plan at any time, but no refunds will be issued.

Storage space limits

Storage limits depend on the plan you choose. To calculate your limits,
we summarize all data stored in the work areas (and their contents) associated
with your account. Current consumption is available in the network
management menu.

Is there offer for students and non-profits organizations?

Yes, we have special prices for student organisations and non-profit
organisations. Send mail to ask about our offer.


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