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A solution for companies and managers who want to productively manage all
tasks, projects and teams in one place.

Solid but simple

Taagly fills the gap between current project management software on the market. It was created for people who need more advanced solutions than Trello and Asana, but are not ready for such advanced tools as Jira or Podio. A manager using Taagly has powerful management possibilities at their disposal, while the user gains an intuitive platform for better work organisation.



Taagly redefines the concept of task tagging in projects. By default, the tagging module functions as an add-on, often deeply hidden, so it is difficult to fully use its potential. With Taagly, task tagging is the key to more efficient management, and it the most important tool, always within reach for the user



With a carefully designed layout, relaxing motifs and pleasant animations, it is clean and user-friendly. Despite its many advanced features, the user does not feel lost or overwhelmed.

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